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Koichi Hashiguchi


2016年よりLOYALTY FLOWERS 名義で 花自身を新たな解釈とともに 見つめ直すプロジェクトを始動  数々のアーティストとコラボレーションしフラワーディレクションを行う


物心ついた時から花に囲まれた環境で育ち、 そこで感じた花一つ一つの美しさの本質を追求。




アートディレクションを行い 自身のバックボーンでもあるストリートカルチャー、





In 2016, started a project under the name of LOYALTY FLOWERS

to reinterpret flowers with a new interpretation of flowers themselves.


He grew up in an environment surrounded by flowers for as long as he can remember,

and has pursued the essence of the beauty of each and every flower he has felt there.

Inspired by street culture, his flowers are inspired by the sensibility of Japanese ikebana,

while at the same time being energetic and edgy.

The work is energetic and edgy, while at the same time incorporating

the sensibility of Japanese ikebana.


He has been involved in flower direction for advertisements,

cosmetic visuals, and numerous magazines.

He also works as an art director for many magazines,

and has a strong affinity with street culture and music, which are his own backbone.

He has a high affinity with street culture and music,

which is his own backbone, and has an established reputation for

decorating club events and other underground scenes.


Using flowers as a medium, he sublimates the essential energy

from the inspirations that lurk in everyday life.

His life's work is to sublimate the essential energy

from everyday inspirations using flowers as a medium.

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